Postcard from Hans Cornelius written 09.07.1938

Date of creation 9.07.1938
Related places Lviv
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Field philosophy


Gräfelfing, July 9, 1938

My honored and dear friend,
 n     By this mail, I am taking the liberty to send you a copy of my portrayal of my philosophy. I found a few copies quite by accident, and I am sending them to my friends (the book was published four years ago, but was impossible to find in bookstores) because I believe that this represents the best overview of my philosophical thought processes. I am assuming that you are interested in this work.
 n     I hope that this postcard finds you well and that you have overcome the flu. I have been feeling quite well recently, although I suffered from several gout attacks during the winter and spring. I am sorry to inform you that my attempts at learning the Polish language have not yet resulted in any notable success. I have been quite busy, and I have been unable to find a conversation partner. That would certainly make things a lot easier. I hope that this problem will be corrected soon so I can resume my studies more successfully.
 n     In grateful remembrance of your kind efforts and your concern for me during my stay in Lwów which made the stay one of the most beautiful memories of my lifetime.

 n         n        n        n        n        n        n        n         Warm regards from your devoted,
 n        n        n        n        n        n        n        n        H. Cornelius


Sender:  Professor Hans Cornelius,
Gräfelfing b. Munich


Dr. R Ingarden
Profeser universystetu
Jana Kazimierza
Zachariewicza 7
Lemberg, Poland