Postcard from Irena Krońska written in 24.02.1946

Date of creation 24.02.1946
Related places Paris
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Paris, 2/24/1946

Dear and Honorable Professor!

   c    I have just received a letter from Professor’s son in England informing me about Professor’s expected arrival in Paris, and that he cannot not come to Paris at that time, contrary to the previous agreement. The envelope also entailed a letter to Professor, which I am keeping for now, since I am not sure if Professor will not arrive at my place sooner than the letter reaches you at the Polish Library address provided by your son.

I am really looking forward to seeing Professor. Pneumatic card XXX, so I will just give you our current address:
   c       c    53, rue des Chéneaux,
   c       c       c     Sceaux (Seine)

We live in the Bauliene, you take the metro XXX de Sceaux (from Luxembourg) to the Robinson station (from there it is very close to our house). Since we spend the whole day in Paris and we are home quite late, please make sure to notify us via a pneumatic card when we will see you. Yours faithfully with friendly regards I Kronska



   c                      CARTE PNEUMATIQUE

   c                      (La remise est gratuite.)


   c                      Monsieur le Professeur
   c                          Roman Ingarden
   c                 c/o Bibliothèque-Polonaise,
   c                       4, Quai d’Orleans,
   c                               Paris IV e
   c                            Voir au verso.