Postcard from Józef Tischner written 05.10.1968

Date of creation 5.10.1968
Related places Leuven
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  n         Honoured Professor!                n               5/10/68.
Today I was in the Archives for the first time. I was splendidly received by Fr van Br. It was with great pleasure that I saw a copy of the book you prepared: Letters of Husserl. In the office, I also noticed a very nice picture of you on the wall. No wonder that the atmosphere was completely home-like. As of tomorrow I start normal work in the Archives. Unfortunately, I. Kern is not here – he’s on holiday. Fr van Br. mentioned Ms doc. Gier. and sends you, and her, a great many cordial regards – so many of them that I can only add – X Józef Prof. Dr



Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 10
Pologne [French: Poland]