Postcard from Karol Irzykowski written 26.10.1936

Date of creation 26.10.1936
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Honourable Professor! The P.A.L. [Polska Akademia Literatury, Polish Academy of Literature] office was waiting for the president and neglected to send the letter; this is being done only today, as a result of my order. However, we regard the date of the 31st of this month as already set; printed invitations have already been sent. I’m going to bring in first-rank debaters; a scandal like the one in the Lit. Union. will not be repeated. They’ll likely eat you alive!
 v    Our intellectual, Nałkowska, is particularly pleased. Admittedly, after XXX there’ll be a certain hangover, but this doesn’t really apply to our spheres. So go ahead and do your veni vidi vici [Latin: I came, I saw, I conquered]. We’ll cordially welcome you

With high esteem
 v    and greetings
 v     v    Karol Irzykowski



Karol Irzykowski
ul. 6 sierpnia 47
building 8 apt. 8

The Honourable Professor
Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Zachariewicza 7