Postcard from Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz written 10/10/1948

Date of creation 10.10.1948
Related places Cracow
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Field philosophy


            My Dear Friend!
After some thought, I realised that I won’t be able to have a lecture in Cracow on Friday, 29/X, because it’d be difficult for me to leave Poznań for so long. In view of this, I ask you to refrain from scheduling this lecture. I think there’ll be another occasion to bring me to Cracow and I’d like to postpone my lecture until then. I attach cordial greetings

                                               Your K. Ajdukiewicz



K. Ajdukiewicz
Śniadeckich 60

P.S. What’s up with Descartes?

The Honourable
Prof. R. Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14