Postcard from Kazimierz Twardowski written 17.05.1924

In Lviv, 17/5/1924.

                       Honoured Doctor!

            In my last letter, I forgot to ask you to prepare and send me, more or less by end of this month, a concise summary of your dissertations, as follows: 1. The aims of phenomenologists, 2. Ueber [Über] die Gefahr einer petitio principii [On the danger of a petitio principii] etc. 3. Intuition and intellect in Bergson, 4. Max Scheler, 5. The dispute over the essence of philosophy. I’m talking about very brief summaries, or rather, of providing guiding thoughts[O1]  ‒ for each dissertation, in accordance with its length, 10 to 20 typewritten lines will suffice. Prof. W. [Wartenberg], with whom I spoke the day before yesterday, has promised me to read your paper by 10 June at the latest. The summary presented to the scientific Society has already been typeset. Thus, in view of that, everything is coming together nicely.

            Cordial regards

                                                                              K. Twardowski



[O1]Może key concepts [?]