Postcard from Kazimierz Twardowski written 19.10.1920

In Lviv, Mikołaja 4. 19/10/1920

            Honoured Doctor!

Having received your letter today, I hasten to send my best wishes on the news of your becoming a father! Great is the joy of becoming a father, but the responsibility is great as well. Hence the German proverb: Vater werden ist nicht schwer, Vater sein dagegen sehr! [It isn’t hard to become a father; to be one, though, is much, much harder.]

            As for your report on the [Philosophical] Yearbook, it’s already earmarked for the November-December issue of Philosophical Movement. I myself had remembered that it shouldn’t be prolonged beyond 1920. I’d be very grateful for a report on Bergson’s L’Énergie spirituelle [Spiritual energy]! – Thank you for the news about the Warsaw philosophers. We start work at the Philosophical Society here next Saturday. Dr Kaczorowski[O1]  opens the proceedings with the lecture ‘On complex judgments’.

            Once again, wishing your son and his parents all the best, I send cordial greetings.

K. T.



[O1]Najprawdopodobnie Stanisław Kaczorowski, daty nie dostępne