Postcard from Konstanty Michalski written 04.02.1942


Dear Lord,
I am writing from away from Krakow, from the land of Sandomierz. I have received the postcard you kindly sent me. It moved and saddened me me very much. It moved me because it was proof of your vivid and pleasant memories of me. It saddened me very much, to no end, how hard things are for you. I do not have my address book here, if this postcard reaches you please respond with one and specify your address, because I am sure with regards to the street name, but I am not with regards to the number. I was there, where other colleagues from Krakow also went. Somehow, thank God, I left XXX in good condition. I work in a small village near Sandomierz, where I was invited by my friend Krzysztof Radziwiłł; he has been in a camp for almost a year. I was not doing well at first, now it is calm. XXX in his misanthropy has been asking about all philosophers. Łukasiewicz has lost everything but took up research in logic –  Simultaneously his this time, if one were to XXX from his card. Twardowski is, but he has not lost trust in life. Mr. Błachowski is in XXX at Morawski’s. From XXX, his wife has a porcelain store in Ostrowski county.

Best wishes – whatever the soul may desire for the New Year for my beloved friends.

Fr. K. Michalski

If the card reaches you, please let me know immediately.



Sichów, p. Rytwiany
Busko-Kielecki county
Dist. Radom


Honorable Sir
Prof. Roman Ingarden
Lviv, Lemberg
Pawlikowskiego St. 12/?/