Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 15.04.1937

Date of creation 15.04.1937
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 Freiburg, April 15, 37

My dear Mr. Ingarden,

            I do not want you to have to wait too long for a thank you in reply to your dear birthday letter. Therefore, I am sending at least a postcard for now. My husband received so many lovely letters and the day was a very festive one despite the gloominess of the cosmic atmosphere. In addition, your warm and affectionate words gave us great pleasure. We are sorry to hear that you are constantly overworked. I hope you don’t smoke too much. We experienced how deeply nicotine can affect one’s health. My husband was unable to work from Christmas until the beginning of March and that caused him a lot of distress. Luckily, we were able consult with a highly distinguished clinician who, after the most meticulous physical examinations, determined that heavy smoking and simultaneous excessive stress were the cause of his health problems. He has been thriving and enjoys working again since he reduced his smoking to a minimum and follows a new diet. The first part was met with a great response, and he has been receiving very supportive letters from all sides. He will now have to continue that train of thought. May God give him the strength to do so! It is a pity that we rarely see each other, there is so much we could discuss verbally. It would be great if you could stop over in Freiburg on your journey to the conference. Since my husband has not yet received an authorization for Paris, he decided to forgo the event.

            Please send my regards to your d[ear] wife! In faithful friendship,


E. and M[alvine] Husserl