Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 28.03.1921

Freiburg i.B., 28. III. 21

Dear Mr. Ingarden,
My husband and I were delighted to receive your letter. It is nice to hear that you have such cordial feelings, and please be assured that they are reciprocated as well. The dedication of the work means just as much as if it were a big book. My husband is hoping to get this accomplished soon. He just started with the volume and is working on Geiger’s article. The new Yearbook volume will soon be printed, and your doctoral thesis is to be included. Dr. Heidegger has taken over the stylistic review, i.e. linguistic editing. You may be interested to hear that Miss Walter has completed her PhD summa cum laude in Munich and her work will be included in the next Yearbook.
As far as the translation of the Logical Investigations is concerned, it requires the consent of the publisher.13 Niemeyer gave his consent and asked for a minimum share of 1,000.00 M. Do you believe that a Polish publisher can accept this condition, or would this jeopardize the translation?
You know Koyré, don’t you? He moved to Paris and is working on his habilitation. A short work on Zenonical arguments (dedicated to the memory of Reinach, who inspired him to work on this topic) will also be included in the next Yearbook. He has been collaborating with Hering in Paris, mainly on an historical level (scholasticism), because this is what is expected of young philosophers in Paris. Lipps is about to habilitate in Göttingen.
We are doing well. My husband taught a very important lecture during the winter (transcendental logic) and he now wants to shift his focus to the publication of his manuscripts. Of course, everything will be redesigned from scratch. My daughter is back home, and our son will be moving to Göttingen in a few weeks to work at the public prosecutor’s office.
I hope your dear wife and your little prince are doing well and you are being productive.
Best regards from all of us!

Malvine Husserl