Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 05.01.1936

5.I 1936
Honoured and Dear Professor,
Thank you very much for the books and especially for the letter, which is extremely valuable and encourages me terribly. Unfortunately, I cannot answer it here. Your health worries me. I recommend inhalations of algorin, singing and the mountains. I have to stay here.
I enclose words of deep respect, affection and gratitude to both of you, F.G. [family greetings]
N    Witkacy
I argue with Metallmann about Whitehead. Until I finish this, I cannot do anything else. I sent Twardowski a summary of the presentation in the Phil[osphical] Society], but I do not know if he will publish it.



Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. U. J.K.
7 Zacharjewicza street, Apt. 8