Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 07.10.1937

7.X 1937

Honoured and Dear Professor:

I am writing in haste, to let you know that I have about 67 kilos of live Cornelius in stock. An extremely nice person – I am enchanted by him. He lives next door, villa “Ryś” [“Lynx”], Antałowka Zakopane 3. I’ve got a v[ery] bad cold – I wish to send the postcards today, for I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
Meanwhile ERFB [I enclose words of respect and friendship for you both] F.G. [family greetings] 3W [Your faithful Witkacy].
He [Cornelius] is likely to pos[sibly] stay 10 days; 18th October a pos[sible] paper at the University of War[saw]. I have only just finished the Treatise on being, dedicated to you. Infernal things have manifested themselves.

Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. U.J.K.
Zacharjewicz Street, 7 apt. 8