Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 12.04.1937

12.IV 1937
Honoured and Dear Professor: If it is so with health, it is necessarily to visit Zakopane in August. Thank you v.v.v.[ery]  much for your readiness to read my work on Wgs [Wittgenstein]. I am already finishing the correction of the MS, and I will send it. As for my “hauptwerk”, it is not so arduous, as long as there is continuity of reading and interest in the monadic solution and the concept of the abolishing of physicalism. Do you have my other manuscripts (3 if I am correct). I thought that you see Ajdukiewicz [occasionally] (what is his address) – I wonder if he got a brochure adr[essed] to the University. These days, I’ll sit down to the letter. Thank you for everything. I enclose words of respect and affection for both of you. (F.G.) [family greetings]                   n                     Witkacy
I have a light logistics craze. Nasty weather here so far. I’ve finished An. of matter, this demon Bertia, these are really criminal machinations, my dear madam. I have to write about it. Whitehead is an angel in comparison.


Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. U.J.K.
Zacharjewicz Street, 7 Apt. 8