Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 16.01.1938

16.I 1938
Honoured and Dear Professor:
A few days ago I sent a letter with the report. Today, unfortunately, I have a request: I lost my copy of: “The general criticism of materialism” [“Ogólna krytyka materializmu fizykalnego”] which I need. So, I am v[ery] sorry and I ask you to send it to W[arsaw]. May you forgive me for this trouble in the name of Truth.
I enclose  etc. = ERFB FG 3W
[ERFB = I enclose words of respect and friendship for you both; FG= family greetings; 3W = Your faithful Witkacy].
Tw[ardowski]’s art[icle] “More philosophy” in the “Ruch” [“Movement”] journal is characteristic. He himself was terrified of the minimalism which he had created. This is sufficient. It is simply a musty swamp, not an ontology.  One more favour. If you do not need my Fr[ench] manuscript, maybe you can send it back together. I am sorry.


Dr. Roman Ingarden
Professor U.J.K.
Zacharjewicz Street 7, apt. 8