Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 17.02.1938

17.II 1938

Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you very much for the card. Szuman and I need you – for me this is sufficient for your existence. Sie sind in uns fundiert als solcher [You are grounded in us as such Trans. Ger.].  I will write a letter only from Z[akopane]. Here I am v[ery] scattered. I am asking you to send St[udia] Phil[osophica] to Zakopane, 3 Antałówka Street. Do I have to pay for it, or do those who publish there get their own [author’s] copy? I am supposed to give a paper at the Phil[osophical] Society tomorrow. I am smoking a pipe and inhaling, and curse it. In Z[akopane], I will throw it to hell. I am begging, please endure.
I am v[ery] sorry for the trouble, but could I ask you to send me all my papers together with the French manuscript to Zakopane. I will pay the cost myself, as a monadist would do. I apologize and thank you very much. Will you come to Z[akopane] in early spring? That would be v[ery] beneficial for your lungs.  I have interesting things to tell you. I am writing about viruses, phages and yeast. Now I’m going to start on Carnap’s work. I am v[ery] sorry for the trouble. Szuman sends cordial greetings.



Dr. Roman Ingarden
Professor Univ. J.K.
Zachariewicz street 7, apt. 8