Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 24.05.1935

24.V 1935
Honoured and Dear Professor:
I would never like to be a nag, although the intellectual exchange with you is a great joy and
honour for me. In your letter I feel a certain “coldness” – I fear that my way of expressing
myself might have been taken for megalomania, from which I am (still) quite far away. You haven’t
answered my question about Twardowski – if it is possible to send him a dedication in the letter
and what his address is pos[sibly]. Besides, I wonder if you know Cornelius (because everyone
usually enters into polemics with Mach, who has presented a basic and undeveloped form of
psychologism). And besides, do you know Whitehead, with whom I have been aux prises since 1933. And
recently, this state has become very acute. I am reading now, next to L.K., Metallmann’s piece on
Whitehead, and this encourages me to tackle this titan on a false path. My fate in June (VII) is
still not yet decided. I am asking you that there should be no compulsion in your relations with
I enclose words of deep respect, and thank you once again


Katowice, Zamkowa street 17, at the




Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. of Jan Kazimierz University
Zacharjewicza Street 7, apt. 8 Lviv