Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 17.11.1965

Dear Professor,

   n       Number 2 has been delayed because of (anger or laziness of) the printer and finally came out just 10 days ago. The copies will be here in three weeks and we will immediately send them to you.
   n       Moscow was more interesting than ever. I lectured (in Russian) on the aesthetics of Heidegger and Malraux as an antipode of existential aesthetics. It might be interesting for you to find out that the interest in phenomenology, especially Husserl, is growing tremendously among young people there. They know languages, and they know them quite well. They know you as an aesthetic – everyone has read XXX X XXX there and all of them are impressed by them. However, I doubt that anyone – so far – has treated this reading as seriously


St. Morawski
Waszyngtona Al. 20/apt.21

as it deserves. In other words, nobody is looking for common points with your thought or a chance of aufheben? to solve what Marxism could not yet solve

Best regards

Prof. dr.
BISKUPIA St. 14/apt. 15