Postcard from Stefan Morawski written N/D 2

 n   Dear Professor, esprit de l’escalier, as per usual. Maybe it is because of my dean duties, which cause me more and more trouble.
n   I forgot to ask you to attend the ceremony commemorating the 80th anniversary of W.T. on April 4. Not only that, on behalf of a) the 1st Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Mr. St. Żółkiewski) b) the Polish Philosophical Society (Mr. J. Kotarb.) and c) the Dean’s Office and the Council of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw, I would like to ask you to say a few words on this occasion as the leading Polish aesthetic. Moreover, you and Mr. W.T. have a connection as colleagues. I would like to organize things as follows: the first, official part will entail very short speeches by Borkowski, Turski and Kotarbiński, and one a little longer by you along with W.T.’s summary of accomplishments in theoretical sciences (a sort of a self-description) – I will probably be the one to read it; and the second, separate part will take place afterwards in a smaller group, with the a presentation by the guest of honor and later a glass of wine.


Bows and greetings
Stefan Morawski

Biskupia St. 14/apt. 15