Postcard from Wacław Borowy written 26.11.1921

Date of creation 26.11.1921
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26.11.21 Krucza St. 44

Dear Sir! Thank you very much for the detailed critical analysis of this review. Such things are very valuable to me. I will admit that you are completely right in many points; I would only defend Kołaczkowski, whom I feel you judge too harshly; with all he lacks in form (of which I am perfectly aware) his articles have a strong program line and I really do not know (this is yet another aspect of the issue) who could write better about ethics today. Anyway, I am certainly the harshest critic of the Review, because I read every article at least three times, and in more than one case (yes, unfortunately!) i had to hammer them into a stylistically acceptable shape. I am pleased that the magazine already inspires the need to use high criteria in its assessment, even though it is only it first issue. If this assessment sometimes has to be negative, I do not attribute the blame to myself, for I am doing what I can and had launched an attack on all Polish mental forces (in over 300 with letters); but it is hard to harness people today for systematic work (in the Chronicle), and in general the creative heartbeat weakened somehow (which I feel, hopelessly strongly even, while reading some muddled lucubration undersigned by a greatly respectable name). I hope you can help me out by writing about Scheler etc. Oh, and the theater: would you agree to write about the Toruń theater once a year?

I send you my respect and greetings, courtesies from Julia.


Roman Ingarden, PhD

Mickiewicza St. 115