Postcard to Kazimierz Twardowski written 10.08.1937

Paris, 10/8/37.

Most Honourable Professor!

            Yesterday I gave my second lecture, and I have more leeway there. The aesthetic congress is generally more pleasant than the philosophical, because there aren’t such crowds of people and papers, and thus the level is more even as well. At the philos. congr. there was a great deal of chaff. As for the programmes of both congresses, which you wished to have, I was promised that both would be supplied to me. I’ve ascertained here that there are difficulties in acquiring Studia Philos. [Philosophica] abroad, because bookstores often say they have nothing to do with ‘this book’. This was said to me by many parties. Something will have to be done about this.

            My lecture seems to have made an impression. I’ve become convinced here that my papers are quite well known in France, or at least in Paris.

            I’ll be staying here for 1 or 2 more days, then I’m coming back to Poland, i.e. Lviv.

                                  I send expressions of genuine esteem

                                                                                                    R Ingarden