Postcard to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 03.05.1963

Dear Władysław,                                                                              Cracow, 3 May 63

            thank you very much for your letter concerning the matter of Prof. Guy, who can have his lecture at the Philosophical Society in Cracow on 25 May of this year at 6 pm (I’m assuming that we don’t have to pay a fee or travel expenses to Cracow). Topic: on the philosophy of Gaston Berger. Yesterday I spoke with Prof. Czerny about the possibility of a lecture on Monday the 27th in the history of literature Section at the Polish Academy of Sciences. At the moment there are some difficulties, because another lecturer is scheduled for this day, but Prof. Czerny promised me that he’d communicate with wp [O1] the Polish Academy of Sciences and that he’d give me an answer any day now. I’ll let you know then. Of course, we’ll show Prof. Guy around Cracow.

            I wasn’t at the Institute meeting, because Gołaszewska’s habilitation took place on that day; it went well.

            Meanwhile, I attach cordial greetings and regards

                                                                                 Your Roman


I’m assuming that the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw will arrange XXXX[O2]  for Prof. Guy


Post card

Prof. Roman Ingarden

The Most Honourable
Prof. Dr Władysław Tatarkiewicz
ul. Chocimska 35 apt.10



[O1]w oryg: wpPAN [???]
[O2]tak w oryg.