Request for leave written 17.03.1932

Dr Roman Ingarden                    v                             Lviv, ul. Jabłonowskich 4. apt. 8.
docent U. J. K. [Jan Kazimerz University]                v             17/3/1932



        v     the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education

        v             v             v             v             v     in WARSAW

by way of

        v      the Office of the Dean of the Department of Humanities of Jan Kazimierz University

        v             v             v             v             v     in LVIV


        v     In connection with the letter of the Office of the Dean of the Department of Humanities of 26/2 of this year, no. 128, concerning the programme for the coming academic year, I ask for leave for the 1932/33 academic year to be granted to me. Lecturing at the University under the present conditions – along with, inter alia, over twenty hrs/wk of occupational work in a state middle school and the need for supplementary earnings in order to support my family – is completely impossible for me. To continue to lecture under these conditions would force me – as has already happened in the current acad. year. – to suspend my creative academic work and would lead to straining my health.
        v     At the same time, I must point out that since obtaining my veniae legendi [Latin: rights to lecture] I’ve lectured at J. K. University for 7 years, with the sole exception of two trimesters which I spent in Germany and in France for academic purposes. My classes at the University consistently amounted to at least four hrs./wk. (2 hrs. lecture and 2 hrs. exercises), and, during the past acad. year, even 6 hrs./wk. (4 hrs. lecture and 2 hrs. exercises). During this time I developed 12 different lectures and studied 8 philosophical works for reading in the exercises. As well, I attempted, to the limit of my powers, to fulfil my other duty as a member of the university – the duty of creative academic work. Indeed, during the period of my docentship I published four dissertations and one book concerning my area of specialty, which, along with a number of shorter academic articles, amounted to over 600 pages of print (see bibliogr. nos. 20–32). These papers received favourable reviews from academic critics, both Polish and foreign: German, French, English, and American. However, none of my efforts, including successes in the international area, enabled me to achieve even a slight improvement in the conditions of academic work. On the contrary, these conditions have deteriorated so significantly in the last year that I was forced to halt my academic research and, as a result, was unable to fulfil my academic commitments to several foreign journals. Being unable to renounce my own creative academic work, I see myself as being forced to request leave for the period specified above.

Dr Roman Ingarden
docent, Jan Kazimierz University

RECEIVED 19/3/1932.
No. 203