Letter from Irena Krońska written in 27.05.1967

v       v   EDITORIAL COMMITTEE                    v      v      v             v          Warsaw, 5/27/1967
OF THE LIBRARY OF CLASSICS OF PHILOSOPHY          v      v       v        Miodowa St. 10
v      v      v      v         at the
v   v    National Scientific Publishers PWN

Prof. Roman Ingarden   Krakow
Biskupia St. 14


Honorable Professor,

   v   I would like to kindly inform you that this year we will unfortunately not be able to proceed with the reissue of Professor’s book On Literary Works, despite the fact that the first edition is out of stock, because the distributor of our publishing houses, Book House [Pol. Dom Książki], is against resumption of books published relatively recently before the large inventories of PWN books are unloaded. As soon as the situation in this respect improves, the publishing house will ask the Professor again for permission to reissue.
   v   I sincerely apologize that without knowing about this position of the Book House I unintentionally misled Professor by obtaining your consent to resume the publication of On Literary Works.

 My deepest respect

     v   I Krońska
 v   Irena Krońska