Habilitation resolution written 12.02.1925

Plan for the Library of the Classics of Philosophy in the field of German 17th and 18th centuries’ philosophy written n/d

Stefan BALEY. CREATIVE PERSONALITY OF ŻEROMSKI. Study in the field of psychology of creativity.

Decision written 20.08.1921

Allowance for academic work written 15.11.1927

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 19.01.1953

Biography of Konstanty Michalski from N/D c

Contract with the National Scientific Publishers written 10.12.1954

List of translators written 05.06.1951

Letter of motivation written 12.04.1921

Article of Wacław Borowy in “The Warsaw Review”? from 2.05.1925

Oath text written 12.12.1933