Salary payment order written nd.nd.1921

     BOARD OF THE                                                Toruń,    [date missing]   1921
v1st DEPARTMENT (Presidential)

L. dz. [file no.] I. 6035/21

        Dr Roman Witold                                middle school teacher
         Ingarden                                                            in Toruń


  After examining your documents, subject to a final decision by the Verification Commission or the Council of Ministers, the Board of the Pomeranian School District has awarded you, according to the Act of 13 July 1920, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, L. 65:

  1. Counting of service to date for a potential three-year seniority supplement
  2. Supplement for higher studies of 20%
  3. Service grade VIII
  4. Location class III
  5. Family group II

As a result of the above, your salary will undoubtedly amount to:

  1. Basic salary 1300 Mk [marks]
  2. Supplement for three-year service of 300 Mk
  3. 20% supplement for higher studies 260
  4. Inflation allowance 10,374
  5. Family supplement 2280

Monthly total              14,214 Mk

Verbally: fourteen thousand two hundred fourteen Mkp. [Polish marks]–

  At the same time, it is recommended that the cashier should pay you your salary in advance monthly instalments, as of 1 September this year, of 14,214 Mk pending a change of assignment.

v     v        Clerk                                              Superintendent