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v      The Board of the Pomeranian School District

in Toruń.


In reply to your letter of the 15th of this month, I hereby inform you that unfortunately I did not place myself at the disposition of the Minister of Religious Denominations and Public Education prior to 1/1 of this year, since at that time I did not intend a transfer to state schools at all, as I had no intention of leaving Warsaw (I had been promised a more comfortable apartment at that time); in Warsaw I had a permanent position at the W. Górski School, where – it being an undoubtedly well-placed academic establishment – I preferred to work over any other school in Warsaw. Perhaps this formal lack will prevent the Board from counting my years of teaching work to date, but at the moment there’s nothing I can do about it. I can only politely ask the Board to nevertheless grant me an allowance for my years of work and reimbursement of the actual relocation costs, because the salary, according to the calculation sent to me by Headmaster Krajewski, is 50% lower than what I am currently earning, and while this suffices XXX to meet the most necessary needs, the costs of relocating are at present so great that covering them out of my own pocket would prevent me from actually taking the position in Toruń.

Dr Roman Ingarden


Warsaw, Złota 41. apt. 4.
The Board of the Pomeranian School District in Toruń
Received 20/4/1921
dz. [file no.] I. 2813.