Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 11.01.1961


            Dear Roman, As Mr E. Csató’s article continually refers to your writings, accordingly ‒ while giving him the third volume of Aesthetics ‒ I asked the author for another copy so that I could send it to you. I do this not because I want to trigger a polemic (I’m one of those editors who prefer to see writing without polemics), but I don’t want the article to contain anything you would reproach. Especially since I live in the hope that you’re not going to abstain at the last minute from participation in the writing Committee. Schaff has foresworn us; he didn’t want the ‘Polish Academy of Sciences Inst. Phil. and Soc.’ to publish Aesthetics; they’re saying (because it happened without personal conversations!) that he was afraid that he would be compromised because of us. Thus we were accepted by Phil. and Soc., and I think that it’ll be significantly better. (To be precise, not Phil. and Soc., but the ‘Polish Academy of Sciences Academic Committee on Learning and Art’.)

            I gave Gołaszewska’s dissertation to the printer without changes. I studied Gałecki’s work and sent it back to the dean with a positive finding. But it was hard to read!

           Cordial wishes for a positive 1962 for you and yours.

A handshake WT