Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 05.07.1967

Warsaw 5 July 1967

Dear Roman,

                Thank you very much for your letter and wishes. The ‘promotion’ was indeed proposed by the Dean for 27 June, but several days before that date he notified me that, given the Rector’s never-ending trips, no ‘celebration’ could be organised and that it had been postponed until autumn. That’s the official version, whereas according to the non-official, which also reached me, it was very important to someone to prevent or at least postpone it. Thus it’ll be postponed ad kalendas graecas [i.e. indefinitely], because I want to leave during the first days of September. But I don’t really care about the ‘celebration’.

                Today my wife and I are leaving for Nieborów for July; we want to be in Warsaw in August, and at the beginning of September on the Batory to Berkeley via Montreal. I’m supposed to lecture there for one trimester, i.e. until January, but if possible we’d prefer to stay longer on account of the library and the climate. Thus we’ll be out of the country more or less at the same time. We’re quite happy about this trip and we’re preparing for it, but we realise that it’s a long journey and that we’re old, it’s risky, and there may be obstacles. The Polish Academy of Sciences is supposed to supply us with passports and tickets, which, as you know, is neither easy nor convenient, especially in the summer months, when all the officials drift off. – In any case, I’m not going either to Liège or to Turin, where, on September 28‒30, the ‘Comité International pour les Études d’esthétique’ is to convene. If you have any desiderata – personal or otherwise – in connection with this convention, I’ll fulfil them, at least in writing: I’m waiting to hear from you in this matter.

                               Best regards to both of you dear people from both of us