Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 22.02.1922

 n    Rycerska 11a
 n      22/2/22

Honoured Doctor,

I’m hastening to thank you for sending me an offprint of your paper. This is the first phenomenological paper I’ve had in print in some time: it so happened that previously I regularly followed the Husserl group and its publications, but as of now I haven’t seen either the third or fourth volume of Jahrbuch [Philosophical Yearbook]. It wasn’t available in Vilnius; it certainly is in Poznań, but I’m so absorbed in lectures on aesthetics and theory of art (such is my chair here) that I can rarely allow myself the pleasure of reading in other fields of philosophy. Your dissertation gave me that much more pleasure – and so – without knowing it, we’ve been quite close neighbours for several months. Perhaps some day you’ll take advantage of this proximity and come to Poznań: in that case, please remember my address. – I’m again thinking a bit about touring interesting cities in Greater Poland in the spring, in which case, of course, I won’t skip Toruń, and will take the liberty of looking you up.
Finally, a request: you’re probably still au courant [French: aware, informed] concerning phenomenological literature: hasn’t anything come out in the field of aesthetics? If you know anything about that, I’d be grateful for a bit of information
I enclose expressions of profound esteem