Letter from Kazimierz Wyka, Bronisław Baczko and Witold Kula written 16.12.1966

      b         INSTITUTE

Warsaw, 16/12/1966
Nowy Świat 72


No. SN/4010/6713/66

          b          Honoured Professor!

   b    A group of friends, colleagues and pupils of Prof. Stefan Żółkiewski, PhD have adopted the idea and taken the initiative to develop, through the combined efforts of an extensive circle of contemporary representatives of the humanities in Poland, a collective book on the main methodological and cognitive problems of humanities at the present time. In connection with the thirtieth anniversary of Prof. Żółkiewski’s academic work, which falls in 1967, we would like to dedicate this commemorative book to him as evidence of social acknowledgment of his service to the development of innovative Polish humanities, and for the organisation of academic and cultural research in People’s Poland. The intention of the group of organisers of this undertaking is that the book should possess immanent academic value, independent of the aim that brought it into being. In view of the above, we anticipate focusing in this publication on the following five aspects or sets of issues and possible approaches to cultural issues: 1) Culture, worldview, social structures; 2) Culture and tradition; 3) Culture: knowledge and values; 4) Culture and the structure of signs; 5) Culture and style.

   b    We also anticipate a place for articles which, while not falling within the described groups of issues, possess academic value recommending them, in the opinion of the authors, for participation in the intended publication.

   b    Being aware of your relationship to Prof. Żółkiewski, we are confident that you will not refuse our request and that you will wish to participate in this publication within the area of your academic specialty by sending, by 30 June 1967, an article in the form of a typed manuscript not exceeding 25 pages.

   b    The book will be published by the State Publishing Institute. Articles will be remunerated at accepted publishing rates.

   b    Please send initial agreement to participate in the Book and, if possible, formulation of the topic by 31 January 1967 to the Institute of Literary Research of PAN [Polish Academy of Sciences], Warsaw, Nowy Świat 72.


   b(Prof. B. Baczko, PhD)                 b          (Prof. K. Wyka, PhD)             b          (Prof. W. Kula, PhD)