Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 04.06.1966

Prof. Roman Ingarden.
Krakow, Biskupia 14                      c                               c                         Krakow, June 4, 1966
tel. 365-47

Polish Academy of Sciences
Faculty I Office
        c                        in  W A R S ZA W

Please find attached herewith the application of request for permission of P.A.S. Faculty I for my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend the Entretiens Institut International de Philosophie /Paris VI-e, 173 Boulv. Sanit-Germain/ b/ to Paris at the invitation of prof. M. de Gandillac and for scientific work in Paris libraries to complete the third volume of the Controversy over the existence of the world /On causality/. Therefore, I am kindly asking you to obtain a passport for me and prepare the necessary travel documents. I have attached my passport documentation, a/ the invitation to Copenhagen, b / prof. de Gandillac’s invitation, c/ the Polish Society of Authors and Composers ZAIKS certification of the foreign currency funds for my travel deposited to my ZAIKS account, d/ National Bank of Poland certification authorizing the disposal of dollars obtained from a prize I received in January this year abroad for travel and stay abroad.
All travel and subsistence costs are covered by the abovementioned foreign currency fund, I can also cover the costs of the /discount/ passport and costs. I am going to travel by car with my son, engineer-architect Janusz Ingarden, the deputy head architect of the City of Krakow, who will be driving the car.
I am sending in the original and in two copies of the invitation to France /from prof. de Gandillac/, I kindly ask you for the confirmation of their receipt, because I will need them it at the French Consulate in Krakow when applying for a visa, I am also kindly asking for a return of the copies.
Please let me know how many photographs are needed. At the moment I have no more, but I will be ordering them in the near future.
As it is very important to me that I finish the aforementioned book in Paris, which is unfortunately impossible in Poland due to the lack of new literature and magazines, I would greatly appreciate a favorable answer to my request from the Office of Faculty I of the Polish Academy.

 /prof. Roman Ingarden, senior/


Post scriptum

I will need the following visas: a/ Denmark entry visa, b / FRG transit visa, c / Belgium transit visa, and d/ France entry visa. I will get the entry visa for France at the French Consulate. Hence I am kindly asking for the forms needed for Denmark, NRF and Belgium.