Protocol on recording the oath of office written 19.08.1921

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Date of creation 19.08.1921
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on recording
the oath of office


Pursuant to the provision § 15 of 1 August 1919 (Journal of Laws Rep. of Poland no. 64) and the ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 22 November 1919 (Polish Monitor no. 259), today Dr Roman Ingarden, appointed on 1 August 1921 as a state teacher, at the request of the headmaster’s office of the middle school, in the presence of witnesses Prof. Adam XXX and Prof. Bronisław Pięta, took the service oath administered by the above-mentioned office according to the following rota:

 ‘I swear to the Almighty Lord God that in the position entrusted to me I will contribute in my sphere of activity with all my strength to consolidate the freedom, independence, and power of the Republic of Poland, which I will always serve faithfully; I will treat all citizens of the country equally, observe the law diligently, fulfil the obligations of my office zealously and conscientiously, follow the orders of my superiors exactly, and maintain official confidentiality.

So help me God.’


Toruń, 19 August 1921

Signature of the individual taking the oath     v    Dr Roman Ingarden

Signature of the individual recording the oath  v   Prof. Eug.[eniusz] XXX

Signature of witnesses to the oath            v             Prof. Adam XXX

     Bronisław Pięta