Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 11.06.1956

Rkp 1529

Cracow, 11/6/56

            Dear Władysław!

                                  During my last stay in Warsaw (a week ago), I learned at the Polish Academy of Sciences that the First Department had adopted a resolution approving the composition of the Polish delegation to the Third Congress of Aesthetics in Venice (in accordance with Prof. Schaff’s proposition), but did not designate the appropriate funds for me. [handwritten addition at the bottom of the page] I don’t know how the matter stands for you and Mr Ikor.[O1]  However, I managed to overcome this difficulty in another way, and thus expect that I’ll be able to go to Venice. I intend to send my paper and inform them that I’ll probably attend the congress. However, I’d like to direct both directly to the Italian committee. I wrote to Prof. Souriau[O2]  asking him to send me the address and the deadline by which the paper has to be sent, but so far I haven’t had a reply. It seems to me that you’ve already received an answer from Italy; maybe, then, you have the address (anyway, you mentioned some name that I didn’t remember). I’d be very grateful to you if you’d be so good as to give me the address and deadline for sending the paper. On the 14th[O3]  I’m going to Warsaw for three days for a Leninist session I was invited to; then I’m coming back to Cracow for a few days, so as to show up in Warsaw again on the 20th for the session on logic being organised by Ajdukiewicz. That will take up a lot of time, which is so precious to me right now. Then I’ll have to go to Lublin for one day. But too bad.

            In Warsaw, I saw Ms Zagałowa and discussed many different matters. The meeting itself did not take place, because Ms Z. doesn’t have her paper ready yet; as a result, Zachwatowicz preferred to postpone it until autumn. Ms Zagałowa seems[O4]  to be an intelligent person of good will, but she herself is more of a specialist in Polish studies and an art historian than an architect. I don’t know whether discussing my dissertation within the faculty of architecture will bring much benefit to the cause, i.e. of theoretical awareness of architecture, which is what I’m actually concerned with myself in my creative (i.e. research) work. But it can be attempted.

                       I’ll probably spend July and August in Cracow, because I have a lot of work and don’t really know where I could go for a short breather, and at the same time not interrupt work.

                       Cordial greetings and best regards to your wife

                                                                                               /signature/ Your Roman


I got the address from your housekeeper.



[O1]W oryg : p. Ikor. Może Roger Ikor [?]
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