Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 09.05.1961

Rkp 1529


Cracow, 9/5/61


            Dear Władysław,

                                  Błachowski told me that the matter of the leg is already in the final stage, which I’m very happy about, while greatly regretting, of course, that such a thing happened at all.

            Today I received an invitation to the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and supposedly a meeting of the Board of the Polish Philosophical Society will be held on 20 May, but I have [O1] no intention of travelling to these meetings, just as I won’t be coming to the meeting of the Library of Classics of Philosophy on Saturday the 13th. If I wanted to go to all of that, I’d have to stop working and lecturing at the university altogether, and even so something is always falling by the wayside for various local reasons (various rector’s days, etc.). So we won’t see each other in May. On the 13th, I can’t come because, among others, there’s the third meeting of the Aesthetics Section, at which I’m conducting an ongoing discussion, which will go to pieces if I don’t conduct it personally; it’s getting off to a very interesting start.

            I have another request for you. Do you know a certain Mr Graff? Morawski wrote to me yesterday, suggesting that an assistantship with me should be found for him, as a kind of scholarship, because apparently he really wants to study aesthetics with me. I suspect that this is just another plug. Morawski praises and recommends him highly. Is he your student? Does he have a master’s degree? And what do you think of him overall? I’d be grateful for a few words on this subject.

            Meanwhile, I send cordial greetings and regards

                                                                                     /signature/ Your Roman



[O1]Oryg.: nie ma zamiast nie mam