Letter to the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences written 20.02.1948

  Krakow, 20/2/1948


   c   Honorable Dean,

   c         I tried to get in contact with Honorable Dean by phone twice, but to no avail. Therefore, I allow myself to send Honorable Dean, in accordance with our previous agreement, the motion of the Faculty of History and Philosophy regarding the participation of Polish philosophers in the philosophical congress in Amsterdam, and I am kindly asking you to present it at the next board meeting of the PAAS.
   c         I must note that – as far as I know – the list of people who would like to attend the congress provided in the attached document does not include all persons who intend to travel to the congress from Poland. Based on communications regarding the congress I have found out that prof. Mostowski from Warsaw and Ms. Maria Ossowska from Łódź also have the plans to go. Moreover, as I have recently learned, prof. Heinrich is supposed to attend too, as a delegate of the Jagiellonian University. None of them, however, informed me that they intend to join the PAAS’s campaign. In particular, prof. Heinrich let me know that, since he is not a member of the PAAS, he does not intend to attend as it affiliate, but he will be a delegate of the JU instead. I have mentioned to Prof. Heinrich what was taking place at the PAAS with regards to the matter of congress multiple times in the recent months, but he never expressed a desire to go to Amsterdam. It was only two days ago that he notified me that the Senate of the JU appointed him a delegate of the University.

My deepest respect and best regards