Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 26.07.1967


Dear Professor,
 n   Thank you for the review of P.G.’s dissertation. I have to agree with most of your criticism. P. G. has a hard job ahead of him.
 n   There is still the matter of the doctoral exam. Would you be kind enough as to come to Warsaw between 15th and 27th September? We will all be there at that time – Baczko, Kołakowski and I – because we have entrance examinations for doctoral studies. After the 28th we are going to Yugoslavia to have a meeting with some local philosophers and then I will leave (invitation to Finland and Austria for lectures).
 n   I work as hard as ever. I wrote an introductory essay for volume 5 of “Aesth. St.”. It will be getting sent to the publisher in a few days (I will have to start thinking about vol.6). The fourth volume will be available in bookstores any day now.
 n   Moreover, I am writing an essay on Mimesis as an artistic category and an introduction to an axiological discussion for Philos. St. I am exhausted.

Best regards and greetings from my wife
S. Morawski


Stefan Morawski
Warsaw, Waszyngtona Al.

BISKUPIA ST. 14/apt.15