Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 28.09.1968

Teresa Tymieniecka                   v                                         9/28/1968


    v    Dearest Professor,
    v    Thanks for your letter.
    v    Funds for your journey on Queen Mary […] have already been prepared. The visa is also sure to be confirmed. I advise you to come for a few weeks so you don’t get tired by the journey and use that time in libraries. Financial matters will be taken care of. Don’t worry about anything.
    v    But your presence is necessary because, please understand, without your presence it is impossible to provide your thought in the phenomenological movement with the weight I strive for, and you, as the main speaker at the Husserl session, will accomplish this with simply your presence. Otherwise, one would have to go on a circular route and talk about both Ingarden and Husserl (which I could probably do, only I, as the organizer can neither give a lecture nor be the main speaker!!) and it would not work out that way. And if you are unable to give the main presentation on Husserl, then I will have to invite someone equally worthy. Whom? The selection is underwhelming: Fink, Gadamer? [They are the ones that have to be silenced! They have been talking too much!] So without your presence, the main objective, that is of such great importance, though prepared meticulously and in a timely manner surely cannot succeed. So I am still tirelessly calling for your visit. As for the paper, “passive synthesis” probably corresponds best with the topics you have given me, as anything can be referred back to it (i.e., Husserlism and Ingardenism), however in a subtle and discreet way (I am preparing various Diskussionsbeiträge so that the discussion in your section really raises all of the basic Husserlian issues: reductions, transcendences, a priori, etc.)
    v    Besides, I am counting on you to lead the discussion in another section “Phenomenology and natural sciences”, which is very important to me personally, so as to clear up a bunch of misunderstandings.
    v    For now, I am sending my deepest respect for both my venerable and beloved Professor and Madam. Heartfelt thanks for your name day wishes.

yours sincerely – T