Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 19.04.1932 (sprawdzić autora listu!?)

In Lviv, 19/4/1932.



                       Honoured Colleague!

            I forgot, when you were here yesterday, to raise the issue of invitations to meetings of the Section of Theory of Cognition, which Ms Dąmbska [O1] had mentioned to me following the last meeting of the Section. Specifically, it seems to me that a resolution to invite all members of the Society (including those from out of town?) to Section meetings does not account for the character of the Section as a closed work circle, whose members, according to §2 of the section regulations, are (apart from the Section’s [O2] initiators) those invited to become members on the strength of an unanimous resolution of the initiators. The initiators of the Section can, of course, approve invitations to all members of the Society to become members of the Section – but in that case, why create a section? After all, in that case nothing would differentiate a meeting of the section from a plenary assembly of the Society.

            After considering the above elements[O3] , I took the liberty of suspending, for the time being, implementation of the resolution passed at the last meeting of the Section of the theory of cognition, and instructed Ms Dąmbska to send invitations to the next meeting of the section exclusively to its members. I’m asking you to consider this matter and potentially initiate a second vote on the existing resolution. If, however, you arrive at a conclusion at variance with mine, it would be necessary to submit to the decision of the department; indeed, this is not devoid of a certain fundamental significance.

            I enclose expressions of true esteem and cordial greetings[O4]



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