Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written n/d 3



Dear Professor,
c        I am so happy that we will be able to see each other!
c        Well, I am coming to Paris on November 4th from London before noon and leaving Paris for Geneva on the 5th. I would love to stay for longer, but I am giving a lecture in Freiburg for which I need to prepare a little, and even more than that during my stay there I have to write a paper I am presenting in New York on 2/23/1966 – as soon as I return. And there will be no mention of this during the Congress in Hannover.
c        That is all last minute because over the summer I had to write 3 articles which are now in print, and since the beginning of the school year I had to write other papers + lecture at the Heidegger congress (there were 5 of us speakers: Ricoeur, Wild, XXX, Langan) which just took place.
c        We’ll talk about everything in Paris.
c        Would professor be so kind as to reserve me a room at your hotel for 4/5 November? I would be honestly grateful because it would simplify my journey.

Cordial greetings
c        c        Teresa

I will send you the Bibliography. But you will be asked for your opinion directly by Guggenheim. This is very important