Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 28.04.1964

Prof. Roman Ingarden         c                c                c                c       Krakow, April 28, 1964
Krakow, Biskupia 14
tel. 36547


Polish Academy of Sciences

International Scientific Cooperation Office


 Faculty I of the Polish Academy of Sciences Office

in W A R S ZA W


I was invited to participate in the 5th International Congress of Aesthetics in Amsterdam on August 24-28. On this occasion I was also entrusted with one of the main papers at the Congress plenary session. I am therefore writing to ask for a foreign passport that will allow me to travel to the Netherlands through the German Democratic Republic and the German Federal Republic. I intend to travel by my own car with my son, Janusz Ingarden, who is also a member of the aforementioned Congress, and will also be driving the car with me (for traveling abroad it is required that there be two drivers), and besides he is to get acquainted with the latest architecture in the Netherlands (he is the main designer at Miastoprojekt in Krakow, the winner in the city of Krakow). He is also applying for a passport in the due way.

Both the travel costs and the stay abroad will be covered with own funds; the author’s royalties for books issued abroad, the appropriate amount has already been imported to Poland (PKO Bank, Warsaw), I have also applied to the National Bank of Poland for permission to travel with and spend this amount abroad. I would also like to cover the costs of the discount passport with my own funds.

The departure from Warsaw will be taking place on August 20.

(prof. Roman Ingarden)
full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences