Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 28.06.1967

  n      Dear Professor, thank you for the telegram about receiving Graff’s dissertation and for your letter to me as dean. Please excuse the haste, you did have time until July 15 – formally, but the custom here is for the Faculty Council to receive the review and accept it (before activities of the commission begin).
  n      I am not surprised that Mr. G.’s work raises critical reflection. Kołakowski had a lot of remarks, generally similar to what I wrote. Graff is awaiting your opinion with great worry, as in his opinion he attempted to learn from phenomenology what seemed most valuable to him. I have doubts whether this “marriage” of sociology-phenomenology – as well as the information XX can be maintained. But its ingenuity is undisputed.



Many asked about you in Berlin. A doctoral dissertation on you was written there. The doctoral student is very smart.

I am awaiting your article to the 6th vol. of Aesth. St. – in October / November. Porębski told me that your paper was very interesting. He will also be writing for the volume, and so will. There will be a three-way discussion of the same matters.

Bows and best regards

St. Morawski
Warsaw, Waszyngtona Al.




Krakowskie Voivodeship