Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 05.01.1939

5.I 1939
Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you very much for the letter and I apologize for the delay in replying. I accept all the remarks with an understanding to such an extent that I decided to construct the  thing anew.  This is the first sketch – it is stitched together and repeats itself.  I will complete it with some detailed examples. Just as it is read this Monday at the local Philo[sophical] Soc[iety]. Maybe the discussion will give me new momentum. I already had discussions with Kotarbinski on this matter and some new complementary things came to me. Intern[ally] everything is fine with me, but because of the ravages of the Treasury Chamber, I am financially ruined. Maybe I will persevere. I’m going to Lviv in the spring – I did not take upon  any of the various trip offers at all and that backfired. I did not do much regarding philosophy, I only had many “genius” ideas (some changes to my monadism, already imp[licit] in a given approach. Maybe I will do it – but to survive until the end of the 54th year of my life is, according to the old books, v[ery] difficult.
I enclose words of respect, affection and gratitude to you and I am asking to pass these on, as in the beginning, to your wife and the whole family, together with New Year wishes. This = ERFB 3W do you agree to this abbreviation? Around 15/20/I  I am supposed to  be in Z[akopane]. I am begging you, do not smoke. Recent tests have shown the entire abomination of S[moking].