Copy of approval the resolution of the Faculty Council written 28.02.1925


MIN. W.R.i O.P.                   v                 v                 v                 v                     To
[Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education]         v              Office of the Dean of the
Dept. of Science and Higher Education        v                 v                Jan Kazimierz University
Warsaw 4 March 1925.           v                 v                 v                    Department of Humanities
   v                 v                 v                 v                 v                 v        in Lviv.
No. 1924-IV/35.                   v                 v                 v                   attention: Rectorate.           v                 v                 v                 v   


Disposition of the report
of 12/2/1925.
L:121.Rect.L.2323/Dr Roman Ingarden.

   v          I hereby approve the resolution of the Faculty Council of 27 June 1924, according to which Dr Roman Witold Ingarden was habilitated as docent of philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities of the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv.

18 attachments to the report are hereby returned.

Director of the Ministry
Dr Jan Zawicki m.p.

L: Rectorate 2809 ex 1924/25.

Application of the Council of the phil. Dept. L:s121. of 12 February 1925 regarding the habilitation of Dr Roman Ingarden in philosophy.

L: 2323 ex 1924/25.                               v                             Lviv, 28 February 1925.

   v          The academic Senate, at its meeting of 16 February 1925, resolved to accept this request and to submit it to the Ministry with a request for approval. From the academic senate U.J.K. [Jan Kazimierz University] in Lviv.–

      v  XXX
temporary Rector.