Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 05.12.1965

n       Dear Professor,
n       Thank you for your second letter from 12/2. Once again I am asking for the corrections to the article on the system of aesthetically significant qualities. I will introduce them into our copy.
n       I read an announcement that you are about to talk of some new book in “Kalendarium Sztuki” [Eng. Calendar of Arts]. What is that about?
n       To clear up a minor misunderstanding: Mrs. Makota would not be an intern at all, but an associate professor … I did not write PAS internship, but PAS institute in Krakow.
n       Once again, please show me this illiterate article. You write about Sikorski … but I do not know or have ever studied such an author.
n       I will try to make our Library check the German version of your ” Controversy”.
n       If you are in Warsaw, please meet with me.

      n       Best regards
Stefan Morawski

12/5 /1965


St. Morawski
Waszyngtona Al. 20/apt.21


Prof. dr.
BISKUPIA St. 14/apt. 15