Letter to the Polish Academy of Science written 18.01.1965

Date of creation 18.01.1965
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Roman Ingarden / senior /
Krakow, Biskupia 1                       c                     c         c         c     Krakow, January 18, 1965

PAS Institute of Philosophy and Sociology
Jerzy Rudzki, PhD
Secretary of the Scientific Council of PAS IPS

Honorable Doctor,

Thank you kindly for the letter informing me about the decision of the Scientific Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Philosophy and Sociology regarding my taking up of the function of the reviewer for Mieczysław Gordon, PhD’s habilitation thesis, as well as for sending me a copy of this book. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the said meeting of the Institute’s Scientific Council and as a result I could not immediately take a position on this matter. I shall hence do it herein:
     c    I cannot accept the function of the reviewer of the said dissertation, primarily because I do not feel competent to issue an assessment. The central issue of Gordon, PhD’s book lies entirely on the periphery of my interests, and I do not have sufficient knowledge of the literature that Mr. Gordon refers to. Nor is it part of my scientific plans to analyze this literature, as I possess second-hand knowledge about it and my own reading of some parts of it does not encourage me to take a closer look at it.
     c    Therefore, I have to ask the Institute’s Scientific Council to ask someone else to assume the aforementioned function.
     c         c         c         c My deepest respect

/Roman Ingarden, senior/