Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 27.01.1936

27.I 1936                                   n             Zakopane, 3 Antałówka Witk[iewicz] Family House

Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you for the postcard. In W[arsaw], there has been the so-called “overflow” – arrears due to illness, illness of one of my acquaintances, drawing, an invasion of  friends, the behandling [Germ. Behandlung] of whom is becoming more and more difficult, and the continuous essential work. For now, I had to postpone writing about you, because I have to deal with the Wiener-kreis in my way, i.e. without logistics as such. I have started with Wittgenstein as their main prophet and source. I have read it in a novelistic manner for 12 years and without a deeper impression. What a muddy liquid it has turned out to be, of undefined odour and colour, on closer inspection.
Kotarbiński has written a full volume about me. I have carried out a polemic with this logistician Drewnowski, who jumped at me in the letter – misunderstandings caused by log[ical] formalism, out of place, and complete disregard of the content and of the stated conditions of validity of the given claims. Cornelius wrote that he considers Carnap completely pointless and infertile, and he admired your harsh critique of this pack. For now (after completing the criticism, the first part around 300 pages), I have left Whitehead alone. For now, quiet – there was no drinking – some beer over the holidays – now abstinence. Too much about myself, but I like to receive such letters. How are you? I’m sending my respect and affection for you, and warm greetings to the whole family, which I usually mark with the abbreviation of F.G. [P.R]


Once again, thank you for the books.