Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 22.01.1946

In Krakow, January 22, 1946

Dear Professor

                   n        Yesterday, together with Prof. Heinrich, we have worked a project for the meeting and the commission for the study of the history of philosophy in Poland and the committee for the translation of the classics of philosophy. It will be practical insomuch that both meetings will be held on the same day, so we can count on a larger number of participants. The time is urgent because we will need to submit a draft budget for the Commission and the Committee to the Board of the Academy by the end of January.
     n        We are planning the meeting of the Commission for the study of the history of philosophy in Poland for Monday, January 28, at 4.30 p.m., along with a lecture by Mr. Bar on bibliography for Polish philosophy and an administrative meeting where the list of new members will be established. After the Commission meeting, we will proceed with the Committee session, to which we would invite our philosophers, namely prof. Heinrich, you, prof. Tatarkiewicz, Zawirski and myself, and from among ancient philologists prof. Sinka, Hammer, Krokiewicz and Ludwik Piotrowicz. Maybe you would be kind enough as to prepare an invitation for the Commission and the Committee on a single page, putting the Commission first, and the Committee second and include 5.30 p.m. as the starting time for the Committee.

Fr. K. Michalski
/Fr. Professor Konstanty Michalski, PhD/


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