Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 27.06.1936

27.VI 1936

Honoured and Dear Professor:
I sent to you a few days ago a copy of WitkacoKotarbeusz from Philosophical Review – I do not know if it has reached you. It’s a rarity anyway. I have finished Wittgenstein (poor Schlick, by the way – but I did not know he was  so much as a count – only is it possible? !!) and “Unwashed souls” and now I have to do a critique of Carnap, I will not rest until I destroy this guy in the sphere beyond logistics, I will only pick up on the first symbols. It’s likely that I’ll go to the seaside for a while, and to Z[akopane] at the end of July.  It would be very sad if you were not in Z[akopane] this year. But I must be in the autumn in Lviv. I am exhausted  with work and people. I cannot write. On top of this, [I’m going through] 1st cl[ass] life complications. Benders have been very rare and are probably disappearing altogether.
I enclose words of respect and affection for both of you, and greet the boys

n            Witkacy

The address remains Bracka 23 m. 42 – That’s where they’ll always forward from.