Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 14.02.1939

Date of creation 14.02.1939
Related places Zakopane
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14.II 1939

Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you for the letter. I am very sorry about this photo. You cannot be responsible for the fact that I did not remember  the given content. I thought that if there is a number, then  everything is alright. It is still possible that under the right circumstances  I will find it.  It seemed to me that this was you in the second one. I am therefore sending back 1 zloty (2 fis [International Ski Federation] stamps). I’ll be working on the article soon. I better write it in Polish, because I cannot do it in German right away. I would like to kindly thank you for your intention to  translate it, but won’t it be too much of a sacrifice given your other activities.  My gratitude will be revealed in a familiar way.  Here fis [International Ski Federation] continues in  terrible conditions. I au fond [basically] do not care, but it is unfortunate. It was not until today that the snow started to hit.
Thank you again for everything and I am sorry for that thing [about the photo mixup].