Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 24.01.1966

1/22 /1966

Dear Professor,
  n       I am writing since I am not sure if I will be able to see you on Wednesday, the 25th. I am supposed to send information on our aesthetics to an international newsletter. Please kindly inform me: a) did you have any lectures on aesthetics abroad in the second half of 1965, where? b) when did you submit the paper to Lit. Pub. and when are you expecting to publish your book on values, c) are you going anywhere abroad in the next three months for lectures on aesthetics, where? d) Are you working on aesthetic issues now?

I will be grateful for your soon reply

Best regards

        n           n   StMorawski


St. Morawski
Waszyngtona Al.
20/apt. 21

Prof. dr.
BISKUPIA St. 14/apt. 15